Outlier test
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Developer CMM

MLwiN is a software package for fitting multilevel models. Main features: - Names window (where you can ...


Developer RML Technologies

Ships with advanced functionality for data preparation and solution analysis. Import from text, Excel or ...


Developer Hans-Gerd Dünck-Kerst

AllTrans can be used for world wide professional coordinate transformations between international and national coordinate systems. ...

Feature Extraction

Developer Agilent Technologies

Features: - Integration with eArray to automatically download grid files and software protocols for improved ease-of-use - ...


Developer NISS

PowerMV is a software environment for statistical analysis, molecular viewing, descriptor generation, and similarity search. Basic ...

EZ-R Excel

Developer EZ-R-Stats, LLC

Test Validation & Analysis Program

Developer Biddle Consulting Group, Inc.

The Test Validation & Analysis Program (TVAP) includes two Excel Workbooks that are designed to be used by personnel ...

EZ-R Stats for Excel

Developer EZ-R Stats, LLC

Excel addin providing the Researcher, Analyst or IS Auditor a variety of analyses such as testing ...

LOSITAN - Selection Workbench

Developer Tiago Antao and Ricardo Lopes

LOSITAN is a selection detection workbench based on the fdist Fst outlier methods. It runs in Windows, Mac ...

EZ-R Stats for Windows

Developer EZ-R Stats, LLC

EZ-R Stats for Windows is an effective, economical solution providing the Researcher, Analyst or IS ...

Outlier Processing for Excel, версия

Developer Igor Gaidyshev

Outlier Detection

Developer Microsoft
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